New Construction Home Inspections in Houston Texas

Quite often when we think of home inspectors we think of a home inspector that needs to go over an older style home with a fine tooth comb to make sure that it’s safe to live in, has all of the required permits and is representative of its asking price. Many lenders also require the use of new construction home inspections in Houston Texas to protect potential buyers from shoddy workmanship, code violations and to make sure that their investment as a lender is protected.

New construction home inspections in Houston Texas take dedicated and experienced home inspectors. It can be difficult to identify issues in a new home and it’s important to select a home inspector that has extensive experience assessing brand-new homes. Here is how you can find a good home inspector for new construction homes in Houston Texas.

1. Ask if your inspector can inspect every step of the way: Some new home inspectors are able to inspect the home as it’s being constructed. This means that you can get assessments on your foundation, before your drywall goes up so that issues can be corrected before the home is entirely built. New construction home builders in Houston Texas are available to new home buyers so that homes can be built with the utmost quality from the ground up.

2. Always use your own home inspector: Do some shopping around and find a home inspector that isn’t appointed by your home builder. Having an outside pair of eyes for your particular model of home or an unbiased view of that builder can allow that home buyer to find mistakes more easily.

3. State that you require inspection prior to signing the contract to build your home: Some buyers find it difficult to work with inspectors but if you are able to make an agreement with your builder you can receive ongoing inspections throughout the entire construction of your home to get the utmost quality.

Hopefully this information will help you find a reliable home inspector for new construction homes in Houston Texas.

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